LOST-CoRoNa logo Learning rObust large-Scale human detection, Tracking, and prediction for socially-Compliant Robot Navigation


[22-04-2022]: The hardware design and the software beta development are completed!

[15-10-2021]: We received a RS-LiDAR-16 sponsored by RoboSense!

[11-10-2021]: Mr. Iaroslav Okunevich joined us as Ph.D. Student!

[14-09-2021]: With the great support of Prof. Hilaire, the Clearpath Jackal robot is in place!


Welcome to LOST-CoRoNa, a research project funded by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in the area of mobile robotics. LOST-CoRoNa will make new contributions to robot navigation in large-scale public indoor environments. Although more and more work focuses on socially aware robot navigation, robust human perception especially in large and highly dynamic scenes is still an open problem. In this project, we will use the advanced mobile robot platform equipped with the state-of-the-art sensors for real-time detection, tracking and prediction of humans in populated environments, and learning at the edge to produce long-term robot navigation that conforms to social norms.


Zhi Yan (PI)
Assistant Professor
Yassine Ruichek
Iaroslav Okunevich
Ph.D. Student
Isaac Okunevich


Kevin Li Sun
Principal Scientist
NIO Inc.
Tomas Krajnik
Associate Professor
CTU in Prague


  1. Tomas Vintr, Jan Blaha, Martin Rektoris, Jiri Ulrich, Tomas Roucek, George Broughton, Zhi Yan, and Tomas Krajnik. Toward benchmarking of long-term spatio-temporal maps of pedestrian flows for human-aware navigation. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, May 2022.

  2. Tao Yang, You Li, Cheng Zhao, Dexin Yao, Guanyin Chen, Li Sun, Tomas Krajnik, and Zhi Yan. 3D ToF LiDAR in mobile robotics: A review. arXiv, February 2022.

Research project funded by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, 2021-2024 (3 years).